Comeback of a Blogger...

Happy new year...

It's been a long time since my last post last year.
You must be asking yourself the same question over and over again, the same question you've asked when you keyed-in this address in address bar or clicked that bookmark(Favorites...whatever it is called) last time.

Why am i reading this one?

Then the only reason that seems that can quell your that probably you are bored of all the good bloggers, whose blogs are ranked and rated among the top of the blogosphere and you want some change just like everyone wants a Roti after a eating continuously out in a restraunt. But let me assure you, you would never get disappointed in this matter and you would always get to see my meaningless scrawl.

So bear my insanity.

You must be wondering...where was i gone for such a long time?
The reason for this is somewhat bizarre, but you don't have any other option but to believe it. I know you won't suspect its authenticity now.

Saurabh---yeah the same confused guy who owns this blog, is actually 2 Saurabh's in one...Confused? Ok...hang on...the story goes like this...not many of you know that this Saurabh is suffering with a rare disorder, some sort of split-personality disorder. So what happens is that- both these shadows keep fighting for their existence. And as the luck had it-the Saurabh-the Owner cum Author was subdued by his powerful indolent and sluggish alter ego. This indolent one hates clock or anything that talks about time. The Author/Owner tried to persuade The Lazy/The Sluggish One for the last 2 months but too no avail. But tonight as the lazy one is sleeping in his cozy bed, the hard-working Owner/Author is posting this entry.

But even this Saurabh doesn't make a good blogger. So either way you have to endure his insanity.

Now as i don't have anything to talk about. I'll probably eat your brains by telling you something that is not worth knowing. But you can't do anything. I know you can...but before you click that back button or that close button on top right corner, let me tell you no matter how big a bore i m , i can entertain you far more better and exciting ways than SRK(The way he sucked your brains with his alter-ego portrayal of S.S.Sodhi and Raj).

i think that lazy one is coming to life from his deep sleep. So plz don't tell him that i did this in his absence. But before i go, and he takes over me once again. plz tell me if this post was good for a comeback or not.


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