Mad Man Virus Detected, WSO in Action

I was wondering lately, Are you sick if your IQ is more than Average?
And you would be surprised to know that the answer to this question is Hell Yes...

You may be sort of self-admitted-mediocre-guy, but even then life will not be that easy with fools spreading the infection scurrying around all over , where ever you go, you will keep bumping your head into some proficient progeny of this new infected breed of human race, But you are supposed to behave well with those in this group, otherwise these maniacs -low on self-esteem - lose their conscience very easily and quickly, They can make your life sort of pain in ,you-know-where...

So if you have even 1/100 of an ounce of gray matter left somewhere deep down that cavity in the left or right or central temporal lobe or whatever it's called, run for cover, stay home; because this variety is not only dangerous to your gray cells but can be fatal in terms, its highly infectious virus and spreads through contact with infected fools , this i 'm telling you out of my sheer experience and research of this group, this variety has been lab-tested all over the world with resembling results in almost every test.

Recently World Sanity Org or WSO(an organization, which looks after Sanity all around the world) released a circular asking all people to take preventive measures to stay away from people have mad-man virus or the M1M1 ;

You can go to WSO's website or call SOS 567 for more info , or contact some Specialist Doctor who treats such cases, or you can ask anyone who's got a degree in Rationality for advice, all uneducated quacks must be avoided, that increases the risks tremendously.

Believe me ,its even more dangerous than HIN1 or Swine Flue as we call it , at least that's less painful and agonizing than this one. In this case, not only your self-respect is seriously infected; your soul , conscience, rationality, senses are maimed forever. So try not to get in even a mile close to the area of infection, if infected people are seen anywhere, call help and quarantine them asap. And if someone close is infected you can get him vaccinated with some Insanity-Anti-Dote, And advise him, to talk less, think more, that way not only his lost self-respect will be back, but his gray cells 'll also become strong.

As for now a lot of cases have already been reported , some were critical, but don't panic keep in touch with specialists and the treatment is a walk in park.

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