Weekends are Painful

Gone are the days of lovely weekends. No break for me for last one year. This is what we call CAT-Effect.

As most of you know I'm preparing for CAT-Second most prestigious exam after UPSC. An exam which ensures safety of your career and hefty pay checks, But reality is quite different and difficult to face. CAT is not for a common man, though it stands for Common Admission Test, but I'll go for it at any cost.

Mailed my form a couple of days ago, count-down has begun, and just 78 days are left, if I'm not wrong. So I should study more and blog less, but you can't study 24 hrs a day, even I can't. So I waste some 30 minutes on my blog and orkut. I can't say what will happen on D-Day (16th November), but I know one thing whatever I'm doing for CAT will help me later on in life.

Some of my friends have locked themselves in their rooms and have thrown the keys away. A I think that is what is required of you in this Exam.

Best wishes for my locked-up friends.

I'll come up with an interesting read in a couple of days, because it takes me time to pen down my thoughts. My hands are not as faster as my grey-matter is.

Till then, Have a nice time...


Nosy Parker:With a big nose

You can't ignore her,
You can't forget her,

You can't escape from her,
You can't hide from her

This is how women next door is. Most people in neighborhood are so fed with her that they can do anything to just escape from her. But some people say you cant runaway from problems. So is the case.

She is Faster than आज तक( The Fastest News Channel). In other words --She is Omniscient, and knows what is happening (i mean what is cooking)in whose home. Anything said about her can never be exaggerated.

But the most important thing about her is memory, just ask when was the last time when you bought your undies, you wouldn't have to wait long for answer. You can use her as your personal diary. She can remind you your bill's due date(Telephone, Electricity, Cable etc), your license renewal date, your passport expiry date, your birth date and even birth date of your forefathers.

If you come across her when you are going somewhere, then most probably you 'll not be able to do the work for which you have left your home or there is also a possibility of your being run over by speeding a truck, tempo, scooter etc. If you are going to take an exam then you won't be able to pass the exam, no matter how well you write.

I can write a whole book on her but I don't have time because that will take almost an eternity to finish. So I will tell you in details when you'll meet me next time.

See u later

***This is completely a FICTIONAL WORK and has no relation with any person living or dead. No offense intended.

Once upon a time

I came across this piece of writing by an anonymous author quite a long time ago, but I can still recall some of his lines today. I'm writing some of his lines. The World of past and people of present in words of an Incognito Author.

Once upon a time leadership mattered,
Now dealership rules the world,
Once upon a time quality was a craftsman’s pride,
Now its departmental mess,
Once upon a time a mouse was untouchable mammal,
Now it’s a hand held pest,
Once upon a time wisdom was cultivated by wise people,
Now it’s flashed on T-Shirts,
Once upon a time teacher’s taught and student’s learnt,
Now teacher’s trade and students consume,
Once upon a time population was a problem,
Now it’s a flourishing market,
Once upon a time competition brought out the best in products,
Now it brings worst in people,
Once upon a time there was a golden rule,
Now if you have gold, you rule,
Once upon a time telling truth was good for your soul,
Now it’s bad for your promotion (For you’re health as well),
Once upon a time success meant living by ideals,
Now it’s all about raising yourself above all the principles,
Once upon a time beauty was in eye of beholder,
Now it’s a booming business,
Once upon a time government was clean and sex was dirty,
Now one doesn’t know.

No Posts for 3 days!!!

This is what happens when you are new to something. I couldn't find anything interesting to post. I'm extremely Sorry to my Invisible Readers. No one visits my blog for sure, 'coz i haven't seen any real comments yet.

I have even forwarded Blog's Link to everyone in my freindlist, but no difference yet.

I'm learning nitty-gritty of this enormous powerful medium.

Thanks a lot to those Kind Souls who have visited this blog.

Look if you are not interested in My Blog, then you can visit blogs in my blogroll.

Damsel In Distress!!!!!

This is what happens when a gal meets an accident.
It was Sunday, I was on my way to My MBA coaching classes, As it was drizzling right since that morning and it being a weekend there was no traffic. Traffic Police
posts were acting as restrooms for stray dogs and some of them were taken over by
beggars,who were enjoying rainy Weekend.

My bike was moving at slower pace (I consider Anything less than 70 kmph as slow). A Bro with his 18 something- sweet-cute-beautiful sister vroomed ahead on His pulsar(It'was Pulsor 180CC DTSI, She was So Cute, I mean that Pulsor).

A Smile ran over my lips after seeing a gal on
road. You hardly see a B'ful Gal coz most of the gals remain indoors and think of weekends as Padicure-Manicure-facial break).

As his bro's bike didn't have Rear-view-mirrors, So as a Normal-Average-luking-guy I followed her, I wasn't worried about being thrashed Or Beaten.

We were right behind A scarlet colored Bolero, as it was a fragrant day I completely
forgot that I was on a Road?

All of a sudden an Autoricksaw came from nowhere(This is what we call, TO YOUR SERVICE 24*7), The Bolero Driver applied breaks, bolero Screechingly skidded for about 10 feet n stopped with jammed wheels.

Though I was not looking at Road, fortunatley I somehow managed to stop my bike well Before Bolero.
But Gal's Bro wasn't as lucky as I was. He was more worried about me(Its
difficult to be a Bro
) than the Screeching Bolero.

As he was too close to the SUV even after applying breaks he wasn't able to avoid collision and his bike rammed fiercely into bolero with a
thunderous thump. Next moment Boy was Flat on Road Near a Cow (Even she was Enjoying weekends).

But I saw the gal crying as if she had lost both her limbs. Though she was OK with only Scrached NailPolish n Smudged Make-Up.
I don't know whether she was crying because she was hurt or she was crying over the
smudged make-up? Latter seemed to me A more probable reason

You don't need to shout for help, when there is A b'ful gal in pain. Within a few minutes there was a Mob of boys---A bunch of 20 something-i-want-to-be-Dhoni types---.They pulled the Driver out of Bolero. As boys were die-hard fans Of Our MSD everybody had Bats, balls n most Dangerous of all weapons Stumps.

They came to gal with driver in Tow n asked "What do u want us to do with this Moron ". One of them who was look alike of John-Abraham came forward and asked the gal if she wanted any help!!!
The gal had stopped crying after getting so many "Do u need My Help" Offers.
She gave a faint smile and all the boys were so happy as if they were with Dhoni in Wankhede Stadium Playing 20-20 World Cup.

Boys were happy by their heroic act and relieved coz they had saved life of one gal(Luk at the larger picture,they have saved our male-female ratio from Falling).

But nobody asked the Bro, who was badly scratched n was crying like a dog-hurt-with-a-big-stone. When I Went ahead to help him. With in a moment he was on his Feet as if he wanted to kill me instead of that Driver.

Long story Cut short, Help a Damsel but Never try to help her Brother in Distress.

Nadal: Gold is what I Love!!!!

If The King Himself says that "He is not a king anymore" then that is end of his dominance. Same is true for Tennis, Roger Federer who held the crown for more than four and a half years lost his crown to a very deserved Rafael Nadal.

Yesterday,Federer said "That's what I expected and hoped for many years ago when I got #1, that if ever somebody were to take it away from me, he would have to play incredible tennis schedule, win the biggest tournaments, dominate the game basically..and i think Rafa totally deserves it".

Federer was ousted in Beijing too early in singles. But he came back well in Doubles and won Gold with Stanislas Wawrinka.

Yesterday, Rafael Nadal added one more golden page to Spain's Tennis History after destroying Chilean Fernando Gonzalez's defence like a Warrior on mission to clinch Gold.
Nadal who is also the leading man in Ranks after displacing Federer,Became the first spaniard to own the title.
Nadal thrashed Gozalez 6-3, 7-6(7/2), 6-3.
chilean was tottering in front of chest thumping Spaniard.

This man deserves what he was trying for last 3 years when he was #2.

Abhinav Bindra made India Proud, but Our Government is doing more than enough to support him though he doesn't need it in first place, he was born with a golden spoon , Instead our Govt n politicians should think of helping those who need its help most like our Hockey players n Athletes.

Today situation is different every state Govt., Local Organization, n Corporate is coming to support him (Rs.2 crore as prize money on first day), Abhinav Bindra is no more a Shooter, he is an Icon (or Should I say he is a Brand). He's got enough crores to fund his those Rifles n Cartridges for some 5oo years.

"Yes he is a brand" will be the answer of most People who'll be selling his glory to our middle class families in coming days.
So was Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, just before The Games, but his welcome wouldn't be as good as that of a Gold Medalist.
So it would really be nice to see people coming forward to help those who really need it.
Instead of celebrating for a Millionaire-Maiden-Individual-Gold-Medal-Winner, our Federations for Games n Sports must not close their eyes to pathetic conditions of our other sports n sportsmen.

We need to think a lot about our System, if we seriously want to have world class sportsmen.

Stop racing with China. We are nowhere close to China. We are not in the race.

One gold is not enough for a country of more than a billion people!!!!

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