Mad Man Virus Detected, WSO in Action

I was wondering lately, Are you sick if your IQ is more than Average?
And you would be surprised to know that the answer to this question is Hell Yes...

You may be sort of self-admitted-mediocre-guy, but even then life will not be that easy with fools spreading the infection scurrying around all over , where ever you go, you will keep bumping your head into some proficient progeny of this new infected breed of human race, But you are supposed to behave well with those in this group, otherwise these maniacs -low on self-esteem - lose their conscience very easily and quickly, They can make your life sort of pain in ,you-know-where...

So if you have even 1/100 of an ounce of gray matter left somewhere deep down that cavity in the left or right or central temporal lobe or whatever it's called, run for cover, stay home; because this variety is not only dangerous to your gray cells but can be fatal in terms, its highly infectious virus and spreads through contact with infected fools , this i 'm telling you out of my sheer experience and research of this group, this variety has been lab-tested all over the world with resembling results in almost every test.

Recently World Sanity Org or WSO(an organization, which looks after Sanity all around the world) released a circular asking all people to take preventive measures to stay away from people have mad-man virus or the M1M1 ;

You can go to WSO's website or call SOS 567 for more info , or contact some Specialist Doctor who treats such cases, or you can ask anyone who's got a degree in Rationality for advice, all uneducated quacks must be avoided, that increases the risks tremendously.

Believe me ,its even more dangerous than HIN1 or Swine Flue as we call it , at least that's less painful and agonizing than this one. In this case, not only your self-respect is seriously infected; your soul , conscience, rationality, senses are maimed forever. So try not to get in even a mile close to the area of infection, if infected people are seen anywhere, call help and quarantine them asap. And if someone close is infected you can get him vaccinated with some Insanity-Anti-Dote, And advise him, to talk less, think more, that way not only his lost self-respect will be back, but his gray cells 'll also become strong.

As for now a lot of cases have already been reported , some were critical, but don't panic keep in touch with specialists and the treatment is a walk in park.

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Let me count first...

Its been 167 days...or 4008 hrs to be precise when i posted last...but for me it's been like bizillion years. I alomost forgot, once I used to be a trashy-blogger, Trashy is the only other adjective that came to me(the other being Dumbass) to describe a chump like me. So i would be damned if i ever said something of sort -i'm a blogger or -like i write or if i say please visit so or so url, but do visit this blog so what if i write trash , so do some 90% of 'em out there. So what if i post after 167 days...or after 4008 hrs, so do other 90% of 'em. But honestly other then my mental debility , BSNL was partly responsible for this prolonged delay, and won't you believe me if i said that i got CTS(that's acronym for Carpel tunnel Syndrome), but let's not get into that, You can read more about CTS on wikipedia.

But you know what? i 'm sort of dog; Doesn't matter, as u know from your experince if you 've kicked any dog , Doesn't matter how hard you kick a loyal dog, it may run away, screeching and squealing, but after some time it 'll come back to you wagging it's tail as if saying- "Thanks pal for telling me my level" (i din't say bitch, mind it, coz bitches never go back to same dog again...
Here i 'm back again, with a brocken jaw.....blah blah blah.

Just a moment ago , I got enlightened or should i say a light dawned upon me asking me to log-in to my blogger account, post some trashy stuff and log-out , but do you think someone like me whose brain wasn't found in a CT SCAN- when scanned before operating upon for an unknown brain disorder, who can't even remember his first cousin's face, can recall his account login details so easily n so quickly, when he's got account on almost all the sites that have a user registration link for free... So this scatterbrained after some 300 tries, and keying-in those colorful skewed verification codes for some 299 times, got to log-in to this account...
but can't tell how i m feeling feels like finding a loo when you haven't been to one for a month or so, or should i say when u feel like crapping most. As i m in now, what do i have to post, seems difficult, coz the diary from which i used to post, i lost, thankfully you won't have to read all that crap again. But lets save rest of our energies for next time, Let me finish Bapu's My experiments with Truth, 'll read Jinnah, Nehru after that, Oh how can i forget apne Jasawant Singh , who's struck in between all these messy people. oh...plz send me the ebuks of all these trashy people, they are no less trashy than i 'm, At least they get paid for all the trash they write. So its enough trash i 've already written over here. Let's call it a day- oh its night; let's call it quits...

From My Diary...

It happens sometimes that i either don't find anything interesting to post or sometimes i m too lazy to post . In such times you won't regret visiting my blog ,because here is something from my diary that will keep u engaged...

Here is something from pages of My Diary...

"By all means let's be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out."
--- Richard Dawkins

"A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice."
---Bill Cosby

"I'm dating a woman now who, evidently, is unaware of it.
---Garry Shandling

"Life is hard. After all, it kills you."
---Katharine Hepburn

"Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing."
---Vince Lombardi

"Art may imitate life, but life imitates (M)TV."
---Ani Difranco

"Lead, follow, or get out of the way."
---Laurence J Peter

"Politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians."
---Charles De Gaulle

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."
---Kurt Kobain

If you have some wise advice for me, then do leave your comments and suggestions...

Why not me?

There is a really strange facet of human behaviour .When one of your friends achieves what you always dreamed of ,like if your freind gets a call from IIMA or he gets a job offer from a reputed company, then you may show a great deal of joy for some time. But the truth is something else. and That's, you'll fear that he'll reject you and your freindship soon. This may seem to most of you astonishing and mind-boggling, but admit it, it happens not only with me but with most of you out there, it's nothing but the truth.

i read an Article from Khushwant Singh- He said in that article that no matter how much contentment you show on other people's achievements and successes , your exultation will sooner or later, fade into jealousy.

Other facet of the same is that, when somebody we don't know achieve something, we are amazed at his accomplishment, but if the same person is close to us then that joy we show being close to him is marred with envy.

So if it comes to Dhoni and Sachin,we praise them like they are the only indians worth living in India, But same Dhoni when comes to your neighbourhood or is friend of yours , or in case he's already your neighbour or is your friend, then i bet i wasn't wrong in my first two statements.

That there lies a hidden question always... Why not me ? Why He?

If we knew only the answer to this question. I bet world would have been a tad happier place to live in.

I Hope a day will come when the following quote is scrapped by one and all...

"Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies."
---Gore Vidal

Save India...Vote!

General Elections are just round the corner. But how many of us, especially the first time voters, are ready for it? Not many...

So here is your chance act as a savior -of sort- for your country. Shape tomorrow of our beloved country and Vote.

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Inspiration:Life is a street Car Named Desire

My Take

1. Borrow money from a pessimist -- they don't expect it back.
* That's the only reason why i never borrow from my friends.

2. Lottery is A tax on people who are bad at math.
* Why didn't you tell me. Who else is worse in maths than me?

3. Never answer an anonymous letter.
* Try sending a letter a letter to yourself.

4. Few women admit their age; few men act it.
* What wrong being a little late. So what if they admit and act 6-7 yrs late!

5. If we aren't supposed to eat animals, why are they made with meat?
* Is there any vegetarian meat available? Plz send me the link...

6. He who laughs last thinks slowest.
* Add a resolution to your laugh matter what!

7. No one is listening until you make a mistake.
* So i never use F-word @home.

8. As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in public schools.
*So nuke the prayers.

9. You can't have everything; where would you put it?
* Hey, That's not your problem.

10. We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse.
*But look at SRK, AK, Anil. Its not worse for 'em.

11. Nothing's Impossible.
*Try slamming a revolving door.

12. 42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.
*what about rest 57.3?

13.Eat right. Stay fit. Die anyway.
*Is reverse of this statement correct?

14. On the other hand, you have different fingers.
*I agree...

15.Don't steal. The government hates competition.
*That's why this sector is monopolized.

16.The more people I meet, the more I like my neighbor's dog.
*But the girl, you are interested in, is always an exception.

17. Work is for people who don't know how to fish.
*I know how to fish but how can i avoid work by that?

18. The Big Bang Theory: God Spoke and BANG! it happened.
*Plz tell me what that big means there?

19.Life is too complicated in the morning.
* Try NityamChoorna...

20. Everyone intends to live forever.
*So far so good.

A filler !!!

A good post is like a beautiful girlfriend you always want to have one, but its difficult to find one. So after my last post it was like i-m-just-there kinda feeling several times. But thanks to my mind ,which rarely helps in this matter, i couldn't even key-in a few lines to keep your refined brains confused for a few minutes.

But thankfully my gray matter is still little gray(So what if its just superficially gray) and is not that rotten i have always thought of it.So hang on for a while coz Saurabh K will be back soon

The next post may not be a crowd puller post but that would certainly qualify as a post that can be read once and then can be added to crap or shit list whichever is your personal favorite.

Till then...
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Comeback of a Blogger...

Happy new year...

It's been a long time since my last post last year.
You must be asking yourself the same question over and over again, the same question you've asked when you keyed-in this address in address bar or clicked that bookmark(Favorites...whatever it is called) last time.

Why am i reading this one?

Then the only reason that seems that can quell your that probably you are bored of all the good bloggers, whose blogs are ranked and rated among the top of the blogosphere and you want some change just like everyone wants a Roti after a eating continuously out in a restraunt. But let me assure you, you would never get disappointed in this matter and you would always get to see my meaningless scrawl.

So bear my insanity.

You must be wondering...where was i gone for such a long time?
The reason for this is somewhat bizarre, but you don't have any other option but to believe it. I know you won't suspect its authenticity now.

Saurabh---yeah the same confused guy who owns this blog, is actually 2 Saurabh's in one...Confused? Ok...hang on...the story goes like this...not many of you know that this Saurabh is suffering with a rare disorder, some sort of split-personality disorder. So what happens is that- both these shadows keep fighting for their existence. And as the luck had it-the Saurabh-the Owner cum Author was subdued by his powerful indolent and sluggish alter ego. This indolent one hates clock or anything that talks about time. The Author/Owner tried to persuade The Lazy/The Sluggish One for the last 2 months but too no avail. But tonight as the lazy one is sleeping in his cozy bed, the hard-working Owner/Author is posting this entry.

But even this Saurabh doesn't make a good blogger. So either way you have to endure his insanity.

Now as i don't have anything to talk about. I'll probably eat your brains by telling you something that is not worth knowing. But you can't do anything. I know you can...but before you click that back button or that close button on top right corner, let me tell you no matter how big a bore i m , i can entertain you far more better and exciting ways than SRK(The way he sucked your brains with his alter-ego portrayal of S.S.Sodhi and Raj).

i think that lazy one is coming to life from his deep sleep. So plz don't tell him that i did this in his absence. But before i go, and he takes over me once again. plz tell me if this post was good for a comeback or not.


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