Happy B'day To Me!!!

A very Happy Deepawali to all you guys!!!

Hey...I survived one more week . Day by day I’m getting really good in Survival Techniques. Though I’m really a Good Cook of Chinese dishes esp. Noodles, my culinary art is getting good too. Now I've completely stopped taking raw vegs. in Lunch (My Salad days are over) and My Rotis are almost circular now rather than elliptical as they used to be just a week back. That's what we call experience. I'm not a fresher anymore at least in Kitchen.Rotis are one thing, we North Indians can't live without.
They say in North India That "if u can Make Rotis, then you can do anything". So I can happily say that I can do at least one thing right. Guys, I'm the only one on this planet who can't even park a car with an automatic parking system.
Believe me it’s not that tough, neither parking nor making Rotis. Though it may seem difficult in the start, Women just don't want us to become independent. So they always pretend that Cooking is not as easy as it looks. But once you take Knife and Ladle in your hand and know how to hold these, It becomes a piece of cake.

For every year of life,
They light a candle on your cake,
To mark a simple sort of progress anyone can make,
Then to test your nerves,
And give you a proper view of death,
They ask you to blow each light,
With your own Breath...

Most of my friends wished me today (They must thank Orkut's B'day Reminder). When i got so many scraps and mails wishing me, i thought today is 28th. Guys you all should have waited for another 24 hours, i know all of you are impatient and can't wait for a day. But I’ll not take it...

So better wish me Tomorrow.
But don't you think there is nothing to celebrate, as you'll get a year older...?
You get wiser too...

This year i can celebrate, because tomorrow is Deepawali as well so Nothing Extra Would be required...So guys please do come...

Happy Deepawali to all of You

And a very happy b'day to me...
hey its 27th, I should have wished tomorrow !!!

See u soon…

Home alone 3

This is how life is when you are all alone. Life is nothing but a eat-sleep-eat cycle for now and will remain so till 3rd of november. Coz Ma Dearest Mom n My sweet(Not Sweetest) Bro are off to Ghaziabad for a fortnight.

I got 180th rank in last PreCAT, even i'm surprised, i hadn't expected positive marks in wildest of my dream. But rank is rank-doesn't matter how many marks you score. I got abysmal 45 marks out of 300. But the rank was all coz of difficulty level-they say @Career Forum. So let it be.

Reading a lot of blogs. Hey not coz i really like them, but just to get a hang of writing interesting posts. I don't know how can ppl write 5 posts a week, when i can't even post thrice a month . i have learnt a lot in these last 15 days. And i'll one day write an -Idiots guide for Blogging. But lets see how things work out in future.

Biharis as well as all bhaiya log in UP are ecstatic on Raj Thackeray's(MNS Chief)arrest. India won the Mohali test, so 'm also pleased.

Orkut just like any other thing has started sucking. No more excitement for scraps, though i check ma scrabook 20 times a day just to make sure that ma account is working properly.

Actually this is somewhat strange but nobody reads ma blog. I dont think that anyone will read it even if i pay them Rs 15/visit. Not even @50/Visit.

I must advertise in A Natinal Daily for a Partner. Hey not for a life partner, but for a blog partner. If u know any such guy, plz give him ma contact details.

So i think this is more than enough to make you pull your hairs. Ya i mean ican make anyone baldy in less then four weeks. I bet!!!

Busy as a Bee!!!

A post after almost a fortnight. I couldn't think of anything to post. A lot of ideas came to me but as usual none of them was good enough to post.

Some of the visitors, who never visited my blog in last one month, complained for the old posts. But that's what i really lack- i want to be more punctual on this- just the way they are.

my fingers are not helping me more for now or is it an effect of dark spot in my Grey matter. So its time to say good bye... c u later

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